Frequently Asked Questions

What type of stoves do you carry?

We carry a full line of all Travis Products which are Lopi, Avalon and Fireplace Xtrordinair. We have on display in our showroom Wood, Gas, Pellet stoves and inserts, as well as the Fireplace Xtrordinair Zero Clearance Wood or Gas burning Fireplace for your new home or addition.

How to increase heat efficiency of an open chimney fireplace?

The most effective way to increase heat efficiency is to install a heat efficient insert into the existing fireplace. The most popular are wood burning, gas burning or pellet burning inserts. Countryside Stove & Chimney offers high quality inserts from Lopi, Avalon and Fireplace Xtrordinair. Click on “Stoves & Fireplaces” above for detailed information.

What is a Direct-Vent venting system?

Direct-Vent gas appliances such as gas burning free-standing stoves, fireplaces or fireplace inserts, are sealed systems that obtain intake air (or combustion air) from outdoors, and return the exhaust to the outdoors, often through one co-axial pipe. The main benefit of the Direct-Vent system over other systems such as B-Vent or Vent-Free is the fact that there is no oxygen depletion from the indoors and no emissions to the indoors (like in the Vent-Free systems). Direct-Vent heaters are generally more efficient, and less draft sensitive, than the other systems. Most gas burning products offered by Countryside Stove & Chimney are Direct-Vent systems.

Is there a wood burning fireplace that can heat an entire house?

Yes. Fireplace Xtrordinair Elite (36″ or 44″) zero clearance fireplace is a patented, unique wood burning system that can effectively and efficiently heat 2,500 square feet (36″ unit) or 3,000 square ft. (44″ unit) of indoor space. Click on “Stoves & Fireplaces” above for more detailed information.

What products/services are offered by Countryside Stove & Chimney?


  • Bixby Biomass (corn & pellet Free standing Stove)
  • Prefabricated fireplaces (wood, gas)
  • Free-standing stoves (wood, gas, pellet, coal)
  • Fireplace inserts (wood, gas, pellet)
  • Fireplace mantels (flush or cabinet), mantel shelves
  • Fireplace pre-made surrounds or surround (and/or hearth) materials (tile, stone, brick, marble, mantel)
  • Gas logs with burners
  • Chimney systems and parts
  • Chimney brushes
  • Hearth accessories (tool sets, wood holders, steamers, etc.)
  • Stove paints and cleaning chemicals


  • Complete fireplace, stove, insert installations
  • Chimney, stove, fireplace, insert cleaning, repair and maintenance
  • Fireplace mantel, surround, hearth installations
  • Chimney system installations and repairs
  • Fireplace complete stone decorations
  • Chase stone covering, indoor and outdoor
  • On site free estimates

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